15 Months, 3 Love Children, 2 Baby Mamas: The Hugh Grant Story

Stars who have appeared with their famous Dads
Speaking to a Swedish newspaper, Hugh Grant confirmed for the first time that he has a third child: a two-year-old son with a Swedish mother, who lives around the corner from Grant in West London.

The child’s birth certificate initially didn’t list a father, but over a year later, his birth was re-registered with noted lothario Hugh Grant’s name.

When asked about his relationship with his son, Grant responded, “Excellent, I love him very much,” and claimed that he sees the boy “most times.”

“We’re very good friends,” he said of the child’s mother, a freelance TV producer named Anna Eberstein (pictured above). “She’s a very good mother.”

The past few years have been particularly prolific for the 54-year-old: at the same time that Eberstein was pregnant with their son, Grant’s baby mama Tinglan Hong was pregnant with their second child. In the span of 15 months, Grant went from being fatherless to welcoming three different bundles of joy.

Interestingly enough, Hong also lives within walking distance of Grant, in a terrace house purchased by the actor. A modern family, indeed!