Ariana Grande New Hairstyle Channels Princess Leia and FKA twigs

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Ariana Grande new hair photos

Ariana & Sean
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What, not high ponytail?

In a series of Instagram photos Ariana Grande is seen rocking some serious buns that she compares to Princess Leia‘s Star Wars look, but the braided topknots looks more like something that FKA twigs or Miley Cyrus would sport.

She went on a bit of a selfie spree to show off the new style, posting not one, not two, but three pics of her new look.

Photo Caption: “Princess Leia-ish vibes on my day awf in japan….. (and no I’m not sucking my thumb )”

Photo Caption: “Dalina don’t want none unless u got bunz hun….. (never forgiving myself for this caption) #hadtotho”

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