Caption Contest Khloe Kardashian Btch Please

By now, two things should be clear. The first is that Khloé Kardashian doesn’t give a f***. The second is that the winning captions submitted to our caption contests are always amazing.

“Is that another naked picture of my mom??” – Griselda

“Dated a rapper, Now im HOOD with my bandana” – Pedro

“Bitch please! Look at me, not at the guy behind me…” – Jaideep

“Oh f*** i can see it coming… someone commenting about kim making us famous with her video. Thats why i wore my bitch please shirt.” – Amanda

“Omg…someone turn the sun off!” – Jaci

“French who?” - Chantelle

“Bitch don’t kill my vibe!” – Kristin

“Started from the bottom now I’m here” – Tabby

“The shirt says it all” – Cindy

“I’m fabulous” – Quite Contrary

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