Justin Bieber Confirms He is Selena Gomez’s Boyfriend

Justin on Selena
Bieber opens up about Gomez to Oprah.
This year has been filled with questions surrounding the relationship status of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

They’ve continued toying with our emotions with their constant on-and-off again moments–posting and then deleting Instagram photos, taking secret vacations together and even going on public dates in Hollywood!

And while they’ve never actually said whether or not they’re dating again, it looks like the Biebs may have finally confirmed.

During a follow-up on Thursday stemming from his March 2014 deposition regarding a suit filed against him by a photographer who claims to have been allegedly assaulted, attorney Mark DiCowden questioned the 20-year-old singer’s relationship status with Selena. According to E! News, Bieber confirmed they are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

The news isn’t all that shocking, considering the couple has been spending more and more time together and even took a trip up to Bieber’s hometown in Canada together where they were snapped getting cozy on an ATV–right before the controversial singer got arrested after getting into an accident with the paparazzi.

Despite confirming his relationship status, a source says the rest of the deposition was quite uneventful and Bieber was very well-behaved–much different from the first time around when he acted like a complete asshole.

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