Nick Jonas Will Be Naked, May Go Gay in New ‘Kingdom’ Series

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Your prayers have been answered.

You’re going to be seeing a naked Nick Jonas on his forthcoming Directv series Kingdom, and his gay fans might be in for another treat as well (no, he’s not doing another striptease).

Nick appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night, and a caller asked a question about if he would ever appear nude in a movie.

“Oh, I just did a lot of nudity,” the ‘Jealous’ singer replied candidly, much to Cohen’s shock (and hilarious delight.) “Yeah, there was like three or four sex scenes [in ‘Kingdom.’]”

“Another little thing is my character has a big … storyline,” he continued, which had both Steve Harvey and Andy Cohen immediately raising their eyebrows.

“Oh, a big storyline?” Harvey repeated, which immediately caused everyone to roar with laughter and led him and Jonas to share a high-five.

“[A big storyline] revolving around his sexuality,” Jonas finished.

“Is he bi-curious?” Cohen asked.

“We will see,” Jonas answered coyly.

“I will see,” Cohen said, as Steve Harvey put his face in his hands. “And that’s the answer to that.”

Watch the Watch What Happens Live clip below.

And check out the first trailer from Kingdom show.