‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Michael Malarkey Takes Celebuzz’s Flashback Friday Quiz

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Celebuzz's fall 2014 Breakout Stars!
Michael Malarkey, one of Celebuzz’s 10 Breakout Stars of Fall 2014, he’s a season regular this forthcoming season on The Vampire Diaries, in the role of Enzo. Look for his character to get in to all sorts of trouble. Damon can be a bad influence.

Michael tackled the Celebuzz Flashback Friday Quiz to give us a better idea of what Michael was all about as a kid.

Check out the Q&A’s from Michael’s quiz below!

1. What was your favorite TV show growing up and why?

Growing up, we had one TV in our house that was kept in a locked cabinet in my parents bedroom. We each were allowed to watch one show a week. My show was X-Men because I dug Gambit’s vibe.

2. Most prized childhood toy/possession and you still have it?

I grew up out in the country so I spent most of my time in the great outdoors. I suppose that would make my most prized possession my imagination….and I hope I still have it!

3. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A professor like my dad.

4. Favorite/least favorite school subjects?

School and I did not get along. I’ll leave it at that.

5. Who was your first crush (celebrity or non-celebrity)?

Neve Campbell…in Scream.

6. What was your favorite film as a child?

Milo & Otis. It’s a story about a cat and a pug who go on this nutty adventure; they used real animals and Dudley Moore did all the voices. It’s quite brilliant really.

7. What is your most embarrassing item of clothing from back in the day?

That would be my skin-tight plaid pants from my punk rock days. You could see everything.

8. What was the first album you remember buying?

Bone Thugs N Harmony “E. 1999 Eternal” on cassette.

9. What was the first concert that you attended?

Less Than Jake in 1998 at Bogarts in Cincinnati, Ohio.

10. Did you have a favorite candy while growing up?

Ice Cream & Popcorn.

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