You’ll Never Guess What Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Worst Pickup Line Is…

Arnold Schwarzenegger has some pretty um, interesting, pickup lines.

Actor and comedian Bill Hader made an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and told host Andy Cohen about his experience working as a personal assistant to Arnold. You have to check out this video to hear Bill spill some amazing Arnold secrets. Just wait until you hear Arnold’s worst pick-up line! 

Bill went on WWHL with his Skeleton Twins co-star Kristen Wiig. The two talked about the movie, answered fan questions, and played games with host Andy Cohen.

One of those games was “Spill the Tea-Minator” and Bill had to answer questions about working as Arnold’s personal assistant on Collateral Damage! What pisses Arnold off? “You having to take him away from his chess game.” What was his favorite craft service snack? “No joke, schnitzel. He had it flown in.”

So, what was Arnold’s worst pickup line? Bill revealed, “Come back to my hotel room, I love the way my d*ck looks in your tiny hands.” WOW! Bill added, “And she had huge hands.” LOL!

Watch the video above to hear Bill talk about Arnold, plus he reveals the nickname Arnold had for him!

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