Reese Witherspoon Spotted Looking FASHIONABLE AS F**K

Watch Reese Witherspoon's touching message to a fan.
Not to say that she doesn’t always look fantastic, but Reese Witherspoon was spotted running errands in Brentwood over the weekend and she looked fan-effing-tastic.

Spotted before and after a round of drinks at The Coffee Bean, Reese was, to put it simply, looking gooooood.

It’s almost as if her Legally Blonde doppelgänger Elle Woods has grown up and become the serious woman everyone wanted her to be. From those heels to the simple black skirt and super chic top, the whole look was on point from her feet up.

And tell me you wouldn’t one-arm that black Lanvin in a heartbeat.

Check out all of the photos from Reese’s coffee adventure in the gallery above and look below at her most recent throwback pic, which really shows you how far she’s come since filming her second movie way back in 1991.