The Cutest Celebrity Kid Pics of the Week – 9.13.14

Cute Celeb Kids
Hollywood's most adorable kids.
Another week, another slew of adorable celebrity kid pictures to make your heart melt.

If you were feeling a little sad, stressed, or displeased with life this week then consider these pictures your ticket to salvation, your revival, your REBIRTH into the world of the adorable, if you will. Because – we’re telling you – the cuteness levels are off the charts and you’re about to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So get ready…

We collected 12 of the cutest pictures celebrity parents Instagramed of their little ones just for you! It’s always the best when our favorite stars show us their adorable families and this week is no exception!

From Kristin Cavallari giving her “little man” sweet kisses, to Mariah Carey going on rides at theme parks with her daughter, to Kevin Jonas posting pics of his baby in Alice + Olivia (they start ‘em young!) – you do not want to miss this sweet moments!

Launch the gallery above for the full collection and be sure to let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites from this week’s cutest kid pics!