Watch Kanye West Awkwardly Demand a Standing Reception from Wheelchair Bound Fans

A severe migraine sent Kanye West to the hospital.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye have probably filmed a sex tape.
It seems like a bit in Kanye West’s concert took a turn over the weekend, leaving a whole lot of the online world aghast at his apparent lack of sympathy for his disabled fans.

On Friday night in Australia, Kanye apparently stopped his set and told the audience he wouldn’t start again until everyone in the audience was on their feet. This took a lot longer than he liked, because several people, who turned out to be bound to wheelchairs, weren’t able to rise to the occasion. Moments later the crowd booed those fans until Kanye’s people confirmed they weren’t able to stand.

Now, thanks to Youtube, you can watch the awkward encounter for yourself.

The impression is that this is something Kanye does regularly on the road, because he even says in the video that it “doesn’t usually take this long.”

It isn’t clear how this whole incident affected the wheelchair bound fans, but it’s awkward as hell regardless of which way you look at it. Kanye, though, has remained mum on the topic altogether, something that probably won’t be changing anytime soon.

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