Don’t You Know Reese Witherspoon’s Name?

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Reese Witherspoon‘s highly quotable arrest continues to uplift and inspire more than a year after it happened. For proof, look no further than today’s winning captions.

“I’m not kidding, they just walked right by me like they didn’t know who I was.” – Regina

“I told her the bend and snap only works on some guys not all of them” – Shkari

“And after I told them who I was they still arrested me, can you believe that shit???…what do you mean who is this???” – Renee

“And then I was like “Helloooooo do you know who I am?” Apparently they didn’t because they arrested me anyway.” – Megan

“No Ryan and that’s final” – Aimee

“And then i was like ” BITCH PLEASE” – Layeeq

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