‘Gotham’ Star David Mazouz on the Best Batman, the Best Moment of His Life and Superheroes

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At 13, David Mazouz already has a lot of impressive stuff on his resume.

This fall, the Los Angeles-born actor can be seen as a young Bruce Wayne in the new Fox series Gotham, opposite Ben McKenzie, Jada Pinkett Smith and Sean Pertwee. The show is set to have its series premiere on Sept. 22.

Celebuzz recently spoke to David as part of our 10 Breakout Stars to Watch this fall:

How’s your summer been?

I’m actually working. I’ve been working the whole summer. I just came home right now, in L.A. We’re shooting in New York. But I’m home right now in L.A. for a couple days before I have to go back. Flew in last night.

Tell me about the day you got the part of Bruce Wayne on Gotham.

My mom found out the day before she told me. And she didn’t want to tell me that day because I had gotten in trouble at school, and it was my sister’s birthday. So she told me the day after. My agent told me in a public place and I screamed, even though I was in a public place. And it was one of the best moments of my life. It was a great, great moment.

What did you get in trouble at school for?


Did you watch any of the old Batman movies for research?

I watched a lot of movies. I read a bunch of comic books. Watched a few Adam West episodes — those are really fun. I think that for inspiration the Christian Bale ones are the best because Batman was always known as the Dark Knight but no one considered him dark and serious before Christian Bale. Because you know, you had Michael Keaton and you had Adam West who are kind of a bit more fun and campy with it. Christian Bale really brought the darker side and I think that’s kind of the approach that Bruce Wayne in Gotham is going to bring. It’s going to be more serious and more dark.

As you know, Ben Affleck is going to be the new Batman in the Batman/Superman movie…

I am so excited. You have no idea how excited I am. I’m so upset. I was at Comic-Con promoting Gotham and I missed the little sneak peek they showed with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. And I was so upset because I was literally two rooms away. They didn’t give me a break to go.

Do you have any Bruce Wayne advice for Ben Affleck?

I don’t really have any advice. I think he knows what to do.

What makes Gotham different from all the other Batman movies and shows?

It’s going to be different because it’s not a Batman show. It’s a detective Gordon show. It’s a penguin show. It’s a Bruce Wayne show. It’s a Selena Kyle show. It’s everybody before they became who they were. The main character is Gotham. It’s not Batman. It will be really different. It’s not a Batman movie like Val Kilmer’s was or Michael Keaton or Christian Bale. It’s not a Batman television show like Adam West. Also in terms of darkness and campiness of it, it will be dark. But also there will be humor. It’ll have a little bit of everything.

How have you been able to keep things light on set?

We have fun. Shawn Pertwee, who plays Alfred, he’s an amazing actor, really great guy, we had a really fun scene the other day. The scene wasn’t too fun, it was more serious but we made it fun. We joke around on set. Everybody’s got a great sense of humor. It’s not hard to keep it light on set. I love the cast. It’s a really great cast and I love hanging out with them.

Outside of Batman, what are your other favorite superheroes?

Batman’s always been my favorite because he doesn’t have superpowers.

I really like Superman. I’ve been getting into Green Arrow because of the show Arrow. I met them all at Comic-Con and I started watching the show on Netflix. I’m obsessed. I watch six episodes a day. I’m really into that.

If you could sum up the new show in five words or less, what would they be?

Dark. Serious. Funny. Mysterious. Sexy.

This interview has been edited and condensed.