Kristin Cavallari Talks Favorite Sex Position, Making Time for Romance With Jay Cutler

Kristin on Sex
Kristin Cavallari talks pregnancy sex with Jay Cutler.
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Kristin Cavallari thinks vaccines cause Austism.
Despite commuting between Chicago and New York City at least once a week for her E! show, The Fabulist, Kristin Cavallari says she will always try to find time to spend with her husband, Jay Cutler, and their two children.

Speaking with Line Magazine, the former The Hills star says that she spends time with her NFL star hubby “all the time” despite their busy lives.

“In terms of balancing friends and family, it really depends on my schedule and Jay’s schedule,” she says, adding that she also “really appreciates” the time she spends with her gal pals. “With a new baby it’s really hard because the last thing I want to do at night is get ready to go to dinner — I would rather just go to bed.”

But just because Cavallari would rather wear a pair of PJs than high heels on an ideal night, it doesn’t mean she’s given up on romance just yet. When asked about sexual positions, the 27-year-old quickly quips that she prefers to be “on top” than the missionary position.

“You just have so much more love in your life,” Cavallari says of being a proud mom to sons Camden and Jaxon. “Motherhood really makes you realize what’s important in life and puts everything into perspective. It’s the hardest but most rewarding job.”