Miss New York Kira Kazantsev Channels Anna Kendrick with Red Cup Performance to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’

There were many memorable moments from the Miss America competition last night. One that definitely stood out though was the performance from Miss New York aka Kira Kazantsev!

For her talent, Kira did a performance using a red cup, channeling Anna Kendrick’s character from Pitch Perfect. While she did her red cup performance, Kira also sang Pharrell’s “Happy” song. Trust us, you need to check out this video!

While there’s definitely been a mixed reaction to Kira’s talent, she definitely owned her performance. Overall, Kira really impressed the judges and went on to win the Miss America 2015 title!

After the show aired last night, Twitter went crazy! Kira even got a reaction from Anna Kendrick!

No response from Pharrell yet, but we’re sure he’ll be happy with Kira’s choice of song.

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