Move Over, Paris Hilton’s $13,000 Pup: Anne Hathaway’s Dog is Painfully Cute in His Cone of Shame

Anne and Adam's Park PDA
Anne Hathaway and fiance Adam Shulman smooch in the park.
Now I know that physical injuries are nothing to make light of, but it must be said: how cute does Anne Hathaway’s dog Edward look in its cone of shame?

For reasons I can’t fully explain or comprehend, the image of her pup’s face ensconced in a plastic cone collar makes me squeal internally. It’s just a dog, I tell myself. It’s an injured dog, at that, wearing a mildly debilitating cone that’s nearly a third of its body size.

And yet…I wonder how much cuter Esmeralda (the couple’s brown Labrador) would look if she too were wearing a cone collar!

Edward was seen with his owners, the Princess of Genovia and Adam Schulman, as the two went out for coffee in Brooklyn this weekend.

The Princess, as you may know, has been busy practicing Tai Chi on the set of The Intern with Robert DeNiro.

From these photos arises a pressing question: is Anne Hathaway’s injured dog more adorable than Paris Hilton’s disgustingly cute $13,000 puppy? Vote in the comments below!