‘OITNB’ Writer Divorces Husband After Realizing She is Gay, Is Now Dating Poussey Actress Samira Wiley

Get an inside look at season two of 'Orange is The New Black.'
It’s an unexpected love story straight out of Litchfield Penitentiary.

For anyone who mourned the fact that a Poussey and Tastee coupling could never happen (#Poussee forever), fret not because actress Samira Wiley has found love – on the set of her hit series Orange is the New Black, no less.

Yesterday it was reported that the fan-favorite is dating Lauren Morelli, a writer for the show who realized she was gay while working on set two years ago. The plot twist? Morelli was married – to a man.

In a deeply personal essay published this May, Morelli reveals that working on OITNB, “Where we proudly employ what has to be at least 64% of lesbians in the New York City metro area,” brought her sexuality into sharp relief.

Since then, she has filed for a joint divorce with her husband, and has been dating the lovely Samira Wiley.

A look through Wiley’s Instagram shows that the couple has been romantically involved for some time now (sidenote: it behooves you to follow the entire cast of OITNB on Instagram, post haste!). With candid photos of the two dancing, and romantic shots of Lauren with the caption #iloveyougirl, it’s hard not to cheer for these two.