Why Ryan Rottman Channels Scott Disick for His ‘Happyland’ Role

Ryan Rottman is gearing up for MTV’s Happyland and he has Lord Scott Disick for landing this one-in-a-lifetime role.

The actor, who is one of Celebuzz’s Breakout Stars of 2014, recently stopped by our Hollywood studio to chat about his upcoming theme park dramedy and how channeling one of Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ most beloved stars helped nab him the part of rich kid Theodore Chandler.

“I added a bit of cockiness to it,” Rottman told us of his Disick-inspired reading for the casting director. “And it played out! I kept doing that [with] the next auditions I went into. I kept channeling that and I guess it worked.”

The series, which also stars Camille GuatyShane HarperKatherine McNamara and Cameron Moulène, centers around the underbelly of a local amusement park and the disgruntled staff that runs in, including a jaw-dropping incest storyline that’ll have you screaming at your TV set. On the show, Rottman plays the son of a wealthy businessman who takes over as president of the park.

“I’m kind of a hard ass, but with a softer side,” he hinted of his character. “You don’t hate me too much.”

So, is Theodore as lovable as the Scott Disick though? Watch the video above to find out!

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