Mindy Kaling Talks B.J. Novak, the One that Got Away: ‘Pretty Damn Good’ in Bed

Mindy Kaling sort of addresses her controversial Elle cover.
After revealing that she once lost a coveted role in Bridesmaids to Maya Rudolph, Mindy Kaling discussed another loss in her life: fellow Office alum and Mindy Project collaborator B.J. Novak, the one that got away.

Speaking with Howard Stern yesterday, the comedian shared that it was B.J who ended their relationship years ago.

 Staying true to form, Kaling described the breakup at her own expense: “I was so sad – not angry, sad. That was the hottest I ever looked ‘cause I stopped eating. When I get depressed, I stop eating. I was so miserable and so beautiful.”

Luckily, the two have long since patched things up and Kaling has moved on. She even went on to describe her former partner as one of her “best friends”: “I love him, and I think he’s a great person, but I’m not holding a candle for B.J.” she joked.

A great person who was also “pretty damn good” in bed, the actress added.

Good in bed or not, the only person I’m interested in seeing Mindy Kaling with is Chris Messina, aka Dr. Danny Castellano: primo ballerino-turned-surly-OB/GYN-turned-Mindy-Lahiri’s-reticent-lover. Thankfully, The Mindy Project returns tonight, so eat your heart out, B.J. Novak.