Nasim Pedrad Reveals Kim Kardashian Confronted Her Over ‘Saturday Night Live’ Impression

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Nasim Pedrad was confronted by Kim Kardashian!

After spending years doing impressions of Kim on Saturday Night Live, Nasim revealed to Conan O’Brien that she was actually confronted by Kim. So, what did Kim have to say? Check out the video to find out!

While Nasim left SNL for her new show Mulaney this past spring, the topic of her amazing Kim impression still came up when she appeared on Conan.

It turns out, Nasim actually met Kim! She revealed, “I was very very scared, and she was really sweet! First of all she was like in pristine airbrushed makeup, like perfect hair, and I that day looked like a person who woke up in a dumpster. Like I hadn’t slept in two days, I was wearing this like extra large T-shirt with like the logo of a medical facility from my hometown. She was understandably mortified to discover that I played her on the show, but was so sweet!” LOL!

So, what did Kim say? Nasim told Conan, “She did say at one point, she was like, ‘Do we really sound like that?’ Fair question, she wanted to know! Yeah and I was like, ‘No.’ And she just goes, ‘Oh good.’ She was so sweet!”

Check out the video to hear Nasim tell the entire story! Plus, in the video you’ll also get to see Nasim’s impression of Aziz Ansari!

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