Adrienne Bailon Says The Kardashians Hurt Her Feelings

Adrienne Bailon throws shade at Kim Kardashian.
Adrienne Bailon did not take too kindly to her ex Rob Kardashian’s family dissing her on social media.

During an interview on her talk show The Real, Bailon opened up about why she was so hurt by Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian throwing shade at her after she opened about her relationship in Latina magazine.

“I think it was hurtful in a sense that, you know, obviously the interview with Latina magazine was about my life–from the beginning to where I am in current day,” she explains.  “I spoke about the group 3LW, the Cheetah Girls–I haven’t been in that group for over 10 years either.  But these are things that got me to where I am.”

She continues, “For me the most important message that I wanted to get across was that nobody wants to be labeled for associations with people.  You want to be know for your work, for your talent and your work.  And that’s what I want to be known for.”

As you may recall, Bailon had told Latina that the Kardashian family was hurtful to her career.  The Kardashians didn’t take too kindly to the remarks, and blasted the talk show host on Twitter.

Bailon responded with a message on Instagram, calling Kim out and reminding her that she got famous off a leaked sex tape.

However, despite all the feuding, Bailon says she’d still have the Kardashians on her talk show.

“Being a professional, I’d never say no to anybody for any personal reasons,” she explained.

Watch the full interview in the video below.