Beyoncé and Jay Z Are Reportedly Making a New Album Together

Bey Caught!
Was Beyoncé lip syncing during the 'On The Run' tour?
They are so not done.

Fresh off the heels of their On The Run tour, Beyoncé and Jay Z already have a new project up their sleeves: a new album.

On Tuesday, DJ Skee told his listeners on Dash Radio that Bey and Jay have been working on a new collaboration album — whatever that means.

“I have confirmed and talked to the couple’s sources,” according to Skee. “This secret would top all of them.”

If the news is true, let’s hope they don’t pull any surprises a la Beyoncé’s latest self-titled album. But who are we kidding, this couple loves surprises.

The real question is: how will they ever top “Drunk In Love?”

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