Here’s Your First Look at a Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson Duet

Biebs' Shirtless Moments
Justin Bieber loves ditching his shirt.
Cody Talks Justin
Cody Simpson talks Justin Bieber dream collaboration.
Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson’s plan to make every tween girl lose their mind is slowly coming into fruition.

The two singers, who recently confirmed that they’ll be releasing a joint duet album, is already hard at work strumming their guitars and crooning about some girl in a song that their fans will most likely think is about them. In a series of YouTube videos, Bieber, 20, and Simpson, 17, is seen having a jam session in a cabin and a dance-off atop of a hill — all the while #twinning with their matching carefully-coiffed hair, of course.

Managers Scooter Braun and Matt Graham, who work with both singers, has also shared a few behind-the-scenes photos from the boys’ sunset shoot. Girls, brace yourselves.