Joan Rivers’ Doctor Took a Selfie With the Actress While She Was Under Anesthesia

After speculation over what led to Joan Rivers’ cardiac arrest in August, a source has revealed to CNN that it was in fact an unapproved biopsy performed by the late comedian’s ear, nose and throat doctor.

Another troubling detail alleges that the doctor took a selfie with the actress, who was under anesthesia, while in the procedure room.

The unauthorized biopsy took place after Rivers’ scheduled endoscopy with the now-resigned Doctor Lawrence Cohen. Rivers did not consent to a biopsy beforehand. Even worse, the ear, nose and throat doctor was not certified by the Yorkville clinic to perform it, as required by law.

It was during this illicit biopsy that Rivers’ vocal cords began to swell, leading to cardiac arrest.

The clinic has yet to comment on these allegations, although last week it released a statement claiming that a biopsy of vocal cords was never performed.

A final note to doctors everywhere: no matter how high-profile your patient is, please, please leave the selfies to the actual pros. They might be narcissistic and they might make us cringe, but they definitely do not ever involve unconscious patients.