Miles Teller Reveals What Makes ‘Two Night Stand’ Special, Talks ‘Fantastic Four’ and Upcoming Emma Watson Movie

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Miles Teller
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There’s no stopping Miles Teller right now! His schedule is booked solid for the next few years, packed with movie after movie, a dream for any actor in the business.

We were at the premiere of Miles’ latest film, Two Night Stand, and we talked to the talented actor about his attraction to this romantic comedy. Plus, Miles even dished about his other projects like The Fantastic Four and a movie with Emma Watson! Miles and Emma together in a movie? Yes please! Get the scoop on all of Miles’ upcoming movies in the interview below!

Opening on Sept. 26, Two Night Stand is a hilarious and heartfelt film that follows a recently dumped girl named Megan (Analeigh Tipton) as she tries online dating in search of a hookup. Megan ends up meeting Alec (Miles) and they spend the night together. Then a snowstorm hits and the two are trapped in an apartment together, turning a one-night stand into something more!

When we asked Miles what attracted him to do this film he told us, “I thought it was a really funny script. I thought it was really innovative idea, so that first attracted me. And yeah a romantic comedy is a genre in the past few years that’s kind of been put down, where people don’t think that it’s written and that it doesn’t have a whole lot of integrity and they think the acting is bad and they think it’s cheesy. But in the ’80s, romantic comedies were the premiere films, all the great actors were doing romantic comedies and I think this is one that hits all those right buttons and it’s very witty. I think for me every comedy, I just have to think that it’s pretty funny. And it didn’t matter the budget, like this is a low-budget, but I just thought it was a really cool idea. And for an actor it’s nice when you can do a movie, I just thought it’d be an interesting acting piece with just me and one other character for pretty much the whole movie in one room. That’s an interesting concept, it kind of reminded me more of theatre than film.”

Miles will also be starring in the new Fantastic Four movie, so when he was asked how he felt about the success of another superhero movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, Miles revealed he’s hoping his movie has similar success. “I hope we do as well as Guardians of the Galaxy,” Miles said. “That was very successful. I joked about it a couple of years ago saying that it was just a matter of time until I play a superhero and now it happened and I’m very happy to do it with Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell. Jamie I’ve been watching since I was 13 in Billy Elliot, I’ve always been a big fan of his. And (director Josh) Trank very cool guy, very innovative. One of the things I will say about Josh is that he has his own tone, which I think as a director, that’s where you make your, that’s where you pay your rent. I think people will see this and know that Josh’s stamp is all over it and that you have four really kind of dramatic actors doing the best they can with really good material. Our special effects are going to be the sh*t because the guys doing them, Kevin Mack, is an Oscar winner. It’s like we have all the pieces around it to be successful, so I hope it all kind of shakes out that way, because you never know.”

Miles has a ton of other projects in the works, talk about job security! Miles said, “So next summer is (third Divergent film) Allegiant: Part 1 and then the summer after that is the next Fantastic Four and then Allegiant: Part 2. I know I’m doing the director of Whiplash,Damian (Chazelle), I’m doing his next film in March, me and Emma Watson, and hopefully I can do something in the fall.”

Miles doesn’t mind the constant work saying, “It’s good and I will hopefully be able to get a house out of the whole thing.” LOL, we think you definitely will Miles! We love him!

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