WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Messes With People at Los Angeles Dunkin’ Donuts

Kim's Doughnut Order
That time Kim Kardashian got a late night doughnut delivery.
A new Dunkin’ Donuts has opened up in Los Angeles, and since it’s been a long time coming for all those east coasters who left their most cherished donut shop behind, it’s become a very big deal here.

So, of course, Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t help but mess with some of the die hard fans who have been looking forward to the opening.

During her show on Wednesday, Ellen sent an audience member with an earpiece to pose as a employee behind the counter.  His job was to simply repeat whatever she said in his ear to the customer.

Naturally, her instructions resulted in some pretty awkward yet all the more hilarious encounters with the donut lovers at the shop.

For example, while one of the customers was set on grabbing a few Munchkins and some chocolate donuts, the faux employee was instructed to grab one of every kind of donut available.  The customer’s reaction is PRICELESS!

Watch whole prank play out in the video above!