Lady Gaga Knows How to Make an Entrance

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Remember when Lady Gaga was in a crazy gold wheelchair? It only took her a year and a half, but she finally found a more glamorous way to get around. And speaking of glamorous, check out today’s fab winning captions.

“Why is she wearing those seashells? Because B-shells are too small, and D-shells are to big!” – Rick

“Don’t drop me or I’ll poke your face!” – Daniel

“I’m too fab to walk.” – Markanthony

“Her muff smells bad so I need to wear a gas mask” – Wendy

“The little mermaid meets Hollywood.” – Rosie

“Dayum girl do u lift” – Ahmed

“Lift my cakes…and the clams and clitscuits…are free.” – Triston

“teletubbies from outter space” – Kayla

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