Kylie Jenner Maybe Wants to Be ‘The Next Katy Perry’ or Something

Perfect Selfie
Queen of Selfies, Kylie Jenner, reveals how to take the perfect pic.
There is nothing at which a Kardashian or Jenner won’t try his or her hand, so sure, let’s entertain the idea that Kylie Jenner is reportedly preparing to launch a pop career in an attempt to become “The Next Katy Perry.”

After speaking with a “friend” of Kylie’s, Radar Online reports that the youngest Jenner has “found her calling in life — to be a singer!” But wait, there’s more! “Kylie is now working on her first single! She is telling everyone that she knows she is going to be the next Katy Perry.”

The friend/source also claims that “Kylie has a great voice.” Is it as great as Perry’s, though? If this report is to be believed and a single is on its way, we will soon be able to judge.

Perry has nine Billboard Hot 100 #1 singles, so Kylie has her work cut out for her. Perhaps, to start with, she should shoot for “The Next Demi Lovato” or “The Next Lea Michele“?

Aside from the obvious reason (money), why is Kylie considering pursuing a pop career, you ask? The friend/source adds: “She realized that she can’t compete with Kendall when it comes to modeling. So she has chosen to turn to music. The whole family is really supportive of the decision, and [producer] Tim [Carter] has already been to Kris’ house to start the lessons!” One man’s failed model is another man’s pop queen, apparently.

It can’t be any worse than Kim Kardashian’s attempt at a music career, right? Right? #NeverForget: