Mexico vs. Miley: Government Takes Action After Flag Twerking Performance

Will this finally put an end to Miley Cyrus’ reign of terror twerking?

Mexican authorities are unhappy with the 21-year-old after her performance in Monterrey this Tuesday, and they’re going to do something about it.

So, what’s the problem this time around? During her Independence Day Bangerz concert, the singer dropped down to the floor and twerked her prosthetic butt attachment (a beautiful string of words, I know) against a dancer. Unfortunately, none of these aforementioned actions constitutes a crime.

However, this is where the Mexican legal system steps in: at one point, another backup dancer approached Miley with a Mexican flag in hand, and used it to both floss and playfully spank Miley’s artificial butt.

For our brave readers, video of the performance is below:

The flag stunt prompted the Mexican state legislature to approve a warrant against the singer. Miley could be fined $1,200 or be detained for 36 hours.

Let this be a lesson to Miley Cyrus and backup dancers everywhere: if you’re going to spank a performer’s foam-like butt cheeks, a.) just don’t do it; or b.) if you must, do not reach for a national flag.