Exclusive: Robin Thicke Offered Tourists Hugs and Cash to Help Him Flee Hurricane Ravaged Cabo

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Robin gives wife Paula Patton a red carpet kiss.
Singer Robin Thicke was just like thousands of tourists who were stranded in Cabo San Lucas as a result of the devastating effects of Hurricane Odile.

One thing that set Thicke apart from the other 30,000 panicked and stranded tourists, was that he attempted to use his celebrity and some cash to get out of Cabo faster than the less famous folks.

The “Blurred Lines’ singer was vacationing in Cabo with his son, a nanny, a woman who looked to be his publicist and another gentleman who seemed to be Robin’s pal.

According to a Celebuzz source, Robin was doing everything in his power to get out of Cabo. At the airport, a woman associated with Robin (who was way, way back in line of 750 – 1000 people) approached a group of tourists near the front of the line.

The woman with Robin told the group that Thicke would be approaching them and giving the group hugs, and that they should act as if they were family, so he could jump ahead further up in line. After being rebuffed, she said that they’d offer them cash if the group helped Robin out.

A short while later, Robin approached the group and reiterated the offer, and the group declined his offer as well.

He then repeated this offer as he went down the line, asking other tourists if he could basically jump the line. Someone must have took Robin up on his offer, because he and his crew made themselves comfortable with a spot much higher up in the line that he was before.

The giver that he is, Robin gave fellow stranded tourists a thrill by taking off his shirt and posing with fans for photos.

At one point, after Robin had found his new spot in line, Robin and his group seemingly disappeared. He was then spotted in a car, coming from an area in which a number of Mexican Federales were congregating, which zipped past all the people who were waiting in line.

According to TMZ, Robin and his crew ended up leaving the tropical destination by military aircraft.

Check out his pick of a fan who posted a photo of Robin on his plane ride home.