Lady Gaga’s Boobs Are Front and Center in Her ‘Eau de Gaga’ Perfume Ad

Gaga's Fame
Watch a preview of her last racy perfume advertisement.
Endless writhing. Boobs yearning to break free from a thin silk gown. Nearly-naked men with above-average abdominal muscles. An upbeat jazz soundtrack. Non sequitur boxing footage. What do you get when you throw these disparate elements into a big, black cauldron and let simmer? Why, an ad for Lady Gaga’s new perfume, Eau de Gaga, of course!

The minute-long “film,” shot by longtime Gaga collaborator, Steven Klein, is rather nice to look at — classic Klein, really — though the blatant #CheekToCheek promo that is “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love” being used as the soundtrack was a bizarre and misguided choice. When it comes to pop stars hocking products by way of sexy short films, Britney Spears wins this round.

Eau de Gaga, Gaga’s second perfume, is said to smell like “leather and lime,” which sounds, on paper, more appealing than her “blood and semen”-scented first perfume, Fame. (Fame went on to sell 30 million bottles worldwide, so it can’t have smelled as bad as it sounds.)

If Gaga is looking for new song lyric ideas for her ARTPOP followup, may we suggest: “Blood, semen, leather, and lime / parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.”

Eau de Gaga is out now in some European countries and will be available at retail stores in America in January 2015.