Watch: First Man in Perth to Buy iPhone 6 is Also First Man in Perth to Drop iPhone 6

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iphone 6 man drop perth australia

JT and JF for Apple
Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon are selling iPhones now. Really.
You’d think that by now, Apple customers have mastered the art of opening the fancy packaging to get to their beloved gadgets.

Nope. Just ask Jack Cooksey from Perth, Australia.

Like fellow Apple enthusiasts around the world, Jack woke up bright and early to pick up the brand spankin’ new iPhone 6, which officially went on sale today.

Jack even spoke to local news about his new acquisition and well, this happened.

Somewhere, the late Joan Rivers is whipping up a joke about the whole incident.

Kids, open your iPhone boxes over something other than concrete today. A large table, perhaps?