Kim Kardashian Falls Victim to Nude Photo Leak: Report

Kim Kardashian apprently really wants to star on 'Downton Abbey.'
A very naked Kim Kardashian covers British GQ.
Here we go again…

Kim Kardashian is among the latest round of celebrities who’ve fallen victim to hackers insistent upon leaking nude photos of many female celebrities.

TMZ broke the story on Saturday, claiming that several images, purportedly of Kim, were posted to both 4chan and reddit. Both of those companies though have cracked down on these types of shenanigans and had the new round of pics removed almost immediately.

Kim wasn’t the only prey in this round of hacking though, as both Hope Solo and Vanessa Hudgens fell victim as well.

And even though a naked Kim Kardashian isn’t something we all haven’t seen before, it’s still disturbing the amount of privacy that’s invaded when these types of viral bullying occur.

It’s not clear when the newly released pictures of Kim were taken, but TMZ has apparently seen them and report that she isn’t wearing a wedding ring in either of them.