The Cutest Celebrity Kid Pics of the Week – 9.20.14

Welp. It’s official everyone.

When I get married I think I am definitely going to have Jessica Simpson’s daughter be my flower girl too.

Of course, I will have to ask Jess to promptly stop Maxi from growing up or growing at all, so that she’ll still be tiny and adorable when someone finally decides to put a ring on it. (Wishful thinking? Ah well, at least I tried.)

This week’s Celebrity Kid pics are to die for. I’m telling you now that they are loaded with that much cuteness, they may actually kill you. So consider yourself warned fair and square!

Although as deaths generally go, dying from looking at too many adorable baby pictures is a pretty good one.

From Rachel Zoe holding her little one up to cover her face (yes he is only as big as her face), to Neil Patrick Harris showing off his picture picture family (literally), to Michael Buble and his son making the same face while taking a nap together, these pictures really are the sweetest yet!

We’ve collected 15 of the cutest moments celebrities shared via Instagram of their kids for you to gush over.

Launch the gallery above for the full collection of photos and don’t forget to share in the comments which photo melted your heart the most!