Here’s What Iggy Azalea Thinks of Ariana Grande’s Diva Behavior

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Diva Rumors
Grande addresses rumors about her recent bad behavior.
Ariana Grande has been making headlines for her diva behavior, but Iggy Azalea doesn’t think her collaborator have an attitude “problem.”

“She was very nice to me,” the “Fancy” rapper told Celebuzz backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival Saturday night. “She’s a sweet, quirky girl.”

“She’s a fire cracker and maybe that could be misunderstood perhaps, but I think she has a very, very kind heart,” Azalea added.

Recent rumors of Grande being quite a diva began when a photographer alleged that the 21-year-old demanded to be shot from one side of her face before storming out from the photo shoot altogether. A father of a Grande fan also claimed that the pint-sized songstress was icy and cold during a meet-and-greet. Days later, Grande was overheard saying that her fans can go “fucking die” after being stopped for autographs.

The singer, who E! News host Giuliana Rancic admitted was “difficult” to work with, has since responded to the less-than-positive stories about her so-called outrageous antics, telling her fans: