Nude Photos of Rihanna Have Leaked in a Massive Second Wave of Hacking

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Hacked, Nude Photos of Rihanna Have Hit the Internet
CREDIT: Splash News

More nudes of Jennifer Lawrence have hit the web.
Kim Kardashian is among second wave of hacking victims
In the wake of a massive second wave of hacking and nude photos of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens, it appears Rihanna has fallen victim to the privacy stealing act herself.

As has been the case with this resurrected story, TMZ is reporting that newly surfaced nudes of RiRi hit the web early Sunday. They apparently landed on 4chan and reddit, but were promptly removed thanks to the no tolerance stance each site has taken on this issue.

And even though it’s not very hard to find nudes of Rihanna online, these appear to have been taking during some sort of fitting for clothes and weren’t meant to be released publicly.

This news comes mere hours following the release of pictures alleging to feature Lawrence, Kardashian, Hudgens, Hope Solo and even newlywedGabrielle Union, who told TMZ yesterday that her legal team was planning on connecting with the FBI.

Stay tuned for more updates to this story, as it doesn’t appear these hackers will be slowing down anytime soon.