BREAKING HAIR NEWS: Elle Fanning Goes Brunette

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Blue is in these days, according to Nicole Richie and Lance Bass.
When you’re known for being a blonde your whole life, switching hair colors can be a pretty serious move… But Elle Fanning pulls it off flawlessly!

The 16-year-old darling was forced to go brunette for an upcoming role, losing the go-to blonde locks she’s been attached to since first hitting it big in the industry.

She joked that the drastic change has made her smarter, but admitted she’s still getting used to it, struggling a little bit to figure out which clothes go along with the new hue.

Elle also chopped off a few inches to go with the darker color, the combination of which she think makes her look a lot like her mom.

Either way, we love the new ‘do… Maybe even a bit more than her previous style!

What do you think?  Are you a fan of the change?  Comment below!