Mondays Don’t Get Better Than Chrissy Teigen + Bulldog

Mondays, as we know, are the worst. But! Chrissy Teigen is, as we know, the best. That bulldog is a close second. And today’s winning captions come right after that. Not bad, all things considered.

“Mom stop you are showing my privates.” – Angela

“Oh great mom my first nude in front of the paps with their cameras in front of the WHOLE world, this will bring all the bitches to the yard! Thanks Mom??? Now hurry and take the dam pick I can’t hold my stomach in much longer, you had to give me that kibble n gravy before we left. I need a hydrant FML” – Marlene

“someone help me” – KaylaNicole

“I’m to sexy for my leash” – Paige 

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