Alleged Eskimo Brothers Ed Sheeran and Niall Horan Party Together, Prove They’re Still Friends

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There’s no bad blood between One Direction’s Niall Horan and Ed Sheeran.

Despite rumors that the former once stole the latter’s girlfriend, the two singers proved that things are still a-okay between them as they partied in Las Vegas over the weekend. The alleged eskimo brothers, who performed right after one another at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, were spotted dancing up a storm with celebrity friends Macklemore, Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon and David Guetta at XS nightclub at the Encore.

Previously, word had it that someone Sheeran had been casually dating — with many suspecting to be Ellie Goulding — hooked up with someone from 1D, as depicted in the singer’s song “Don’t” about girl slept with one of Sheeran’s friends while they were “staying on the same fucking hotel floor.”

When radio DJ Howard Stern recently asked Sheeran that if the other man was “was the guy in One Direction,” the 23-year-old replied, “No … Well, it depends which one you’re talking about.”

“It’s a difficult conversation to have … He was my mate, so I was just a bit like, ‘Um not cool,'” Sheeran said of the whole situation, adding that he “got over it” after penning the revenge song. “I didn’t really come out of that situation upset, I was just pissed off. I just thought it was a bit disrespectful.”