Emma Watson Restores Our Faith in Humanity With Incredible Feminist Speech

Emma Watson on Elle
Emma Watson covers Elle magazine.
If Beyoncé (featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) hasn’t already taught you the definition of “feminist,” worry not – Emma Watson is here to continue your education.

The former Harry Potter star showed herself to be a fearless feminist during a speech for the U.N.’s HeForShe event last Saturday. The campaign, which Watson described as “the first of its kind for the U.N.,” aims to get both men and women involved in ending gender inequality.

During her speech, the Brown graduate shared her own experiences with gender inequality. At eight years old, the precocious Watson was labeled as “bossy” for wanting to direct plays, while her male peers were not. As a child actress, Watson was subjected to being sexualized at just 14.

The 24-year-old continued to slay ignorance left and right by countering the notion that feminism is synonymous with “man-hating.”

“Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights,” Emma asserted.

See, everyone? It’s that simple. Avada kedavra to gender inequality!

Click on the link above to watch the rest of Emma Watson’s address. The available video may not be shot in the highest quality, but Watson’s poised and powerful speech more than makes up for it.

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