Find Out How Sofia Vergara Seduced Joe Manganiello

Sofia on Joe
Sofia Vergara FINALLY dishes on her new romance with Joe Manganiello.
Let’s admit it: Sofia Vergara snatched up one of the sexiest men in Hollywood, but it wasn’t just her luscious curves or her sexy Colombian accent that wrangled Joe Manganiello in for the long term.

No, rather the 42-year-old actress chalks it up to something much deeper… Her scent.

While promoting her eponymous perfume on Good Morning America Monday, Vergara said, “I worked very hard to get the perfect combination of scents I wanted.  It took me like a year of testing, trying things, annoying [her co-star] Ed O’Neill because I would show up on the set and go near him without him knowing to see if he liked it or not.  He would tell me, ‘Mmm, you smell delicious today!’  I did it with every man I knew because I wanted men to like it, too!”

She joked that it was indeed her fragrance that seduced Manganiello, whom she began dating earlier this year.  “He smelled me and he couldn’t help himself!  That’s all you need if you want Joe!”

But before Joe and before perfumes and before she became the highest paid actress in television, she was a model from Colombia who landed a new role on what’s become one of the biggest comedy TV shows in history: Modern Family.

So when did she realize she had made it big?

“When I started having a very fat bank account!” she joked, adding, “I got recognized in the streets! The other actors were already in thing in American television.  For me, it was a surprise!  After the first episode. everywhere I went, they were like, ‘Oh, you’re Gloria from Modern Family.’  I was in shock.  It was immediate.”

She’s still as grateful as ever to be part of the five-time Emmy Award winning show, which kicks off it’s sixth season on Wednesday.   “It’s been such an amazing trip to be part of a show like Modern Family.  Every year is a surprise…it’s such a gift. Every year we come back as the actors waiting to see what the creators and what the writers are going to have, and they keep surprising us. We’ve shot already six episodes of the new season. We started two months ago. There’s been a lot of crazy things for Gloria.”

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