‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Star Matt McGorry Takes Celebuzz’s Pop Career Quiz

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Matt McGorry, one of Celebuzz’s 10 Breakout Stars of Fall 2014, is a season regular on the upcoming series How to Get Away with Murder which debuts on ABC at 10/9c on Thursday (September 25, 2014). Matt plays Asher Millstone, a law student who was born into a world of Ivy League educations and country club memberships.

Matt, who you may recognize from Orange is the New Black, took the time to tackle the Celebuzz Career Quiz to give us a better idea of how Matt got to where he was today.

Check out the questions, and his answers, below.

1. Tell us about your first acting job.
My first professional acting job in TV was on a show called the Onion Sports Dome on Comedy Central. Like all Onion pieces it was incredibly well written, and I played “Frat Friend”. It was about about 5 lines but I squeezed all the douchey-ness I could out of there.

2. What was your first non-acting job?
I started working at the front desk of a gym I was going to when I was in high school and did that for a summer. After that I ended up being a personal trainer and writer in that field for just about a decade. That led me straight into my role on Orange is the New Black.

3. Who are you inspired by (doesn’t have to be an actor)?
My parents inspire me. Classic, cheesy answer, but it’s true. They are some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever known. They’ve always been so supportive of me, both in my pursuits and just in who I am as a person. I wouldn’t change anything about how they raised me and hope that if I have kids one day, I can be even close to as good a parent as either of them are.

4. Whose career do you most admire and why?
Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors. He had such a flawless and unparalleled ability to bounce between dramatic and comedic roles and even in the same role at times. He could make you cry and then seconds later have you bursting out laughing. Truly one of the most brilliant performers I’ve ever seen.

5. Tell us about your worst audition?
I’m actually pretty solid at auditioning. I learned early on that this is an important part of the business of acting so I made every effort to get good at it. But I did have an audition about a year ago for one of my favorite comedy directors. I was so unbelievably excited about it and knew the audition would require some improvisation and I felt well prepared. I went in and thought that I did a great job. I felt that if I didn’t get the role that it wasn’t right for me, which is my usual outlook on auditions (and I think the healthiest one). But when I got the feedback from my manager afterwards, she told me he wanted someone who was a “stronger improviser”. I was absolutely devastated. It also happened to be a particularly bad day for other reasons but I felt the most deflated I ever have after an audition. Part of it was that I’ve trained in improv and performed it for years, and that I just did realize how much improvising he wanted me to do. And then another part of it was wondering if in fact I wasn’t as strong at it as I thought. Given who they ended up casting, I felt that there was no way it was my improv that was off, but that they were just looking for someone very different. That may or may not be true, but that’s what helps me feel better haha.

6. What’s one thing you do on set that know one knows about?
Eat a ton of junk food as soon as I’m done with a shirtless scene.

7. What’s one secret about one of your co-stars that no one knows?
Pablo Schreiber is ungodly tall. He’s like 7’4 or something. I think he’s made of magic.

8. What have you bought or what do plan on buying with your first major paycheck?
I bought myself a Panerai watch after season 1 of Orange was done. I have super specific taste in watches, as in I only like how a few of them look. And I only even like specific models of the same watches. But I found one that I loved and made it a gift to myself. From How To Get Away With Murder, I plan on getting a Dodge Challenger. It’ll be my first car because I just got my license and since we shoot in LA, I actually do need a car! I love the look of it. And like watches, I don’t like the look of many cars actually.

9. Who is the nicest person that you’ve ever worked with?
Ed Burns has to be up there. I worked with him on the pilot of his new TNT show, Public Morals. He’s really the way you would expect him to be. Very much felt like a guy from the neighborhood who really values everyone around them and took the time to look into your eyes and ask a genuine “how ya doin?” And you could just tell, he had everyone’s respect and admiration because of it.

10. Do you remember your first onscreen line?
I don’t actually, haha. I’m pretty terrible at remembering my lines in the first place so I guess they don’t stick around for that long!

11. What is the one role you wish that you could play?
Batman. Definitely, Batman. Hopefully when they hypothetically reboot it again in 7 years, I’ll be the perfect age.