Jennifer Lopez May Be the Newest Ambassador for Lube Thanks to ‘Booty’ Video

J. Lo's 'Booty'
Jennifer Lopez's cover art for 'Booty' is exactly what you'd expect it to be.
Jennifer Lopez’s new music video for “Booty” with Iggy Azalea has been gaining a lot of attention for multiple reasons…

Not only does it prove that the 45-year-old mother-of-two is still one of the hottest artists out there (which we credit yoga for), but it could even help grow her already enormous business empire.

Doc Johnson, the company behind dozens of personal lubricants, lotions and sex toys, is a big fan of J. Lo’s sexy lube scene (you know, the one where she’s rolling around in a gold thong and what I originally thought was honey).  In fact, the company was so into it they offered the singer a business proposal last week, according to TMZ.

Not only did they supply her with a year’s worth of lubrication gel for free, but they’re also offering to discuss a long term sponsorship deal.

We’re guessing J. Lo is already pretty set with the millions she’s making from her music and other business ventures, but hey! Can’t blame Doc Johnson for trying, right?