Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio Raps A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Scenario’

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Leo's Dance Moves
Watch Leonardo DiCaprio awkwardly dance to MGMT.
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We thought we saw everything when Leonardo DiCaprio unleashed his bro-tastic dance moves at Coachella earlier this year. Well, apparently not.

While recently partying with Jamie Foxx at Los Angeles’ 1Oak, the five-time Academy Award nominee and newly-appointed UN Messenger of Peace decided to hop up onto the DJ booth and show the world his ability to spit out mad rhymes, rapping to A Tribe Called Quest‘s “Scenario.”

If this winning an Oscar thing doesn’t pan out, ‘ol Leo could have a shot at a Grammy.

“Epic to say the least. @1OakLA was insane last night! He’s wearing a hat and has a huge beard but trust me, it’s Leo,” DJ D. Painter writes alongside the video.

Well, of course it’s him! Who else would wear dadcore clothes to a nightclub?