Lindsay Lohan Goes Braless in Doge-Inspired ‘Time Out London’ Cover

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In case you didn't get all of your chuckles out.
Lindsay Lohan’s latest magazine cover is raising eyebrows. And no, it’s not because she’s not wearing a bra.

Fronting Time Out London magazine’s most recent issue in a Union Jack blazer with nothing on underneath, the Mean Girls actress, who is preparing for her West End debut in Speed the Plow, looks more like she’s in a Doge meme — what with all the floating sentence fragments around her — than a serious starlet attempting to make her big comeback. All it’s really missing are a few misspelt words written in neon Comic Sans.

Of course, this is no fault of LiLo’s, but whoever was the graphics designer behind this gem should really get familiarized with the internet. Wow. Much similar.

lindsay lohan doge meme remix
Here is what the re-imagined cover would look like. Please don’t hate me.