Watch: Pregnant Zoe Saldana Tries Her Hand at Pole-Dancing

Kim Pole-Dancing
Kim Kardashian shares photo from her pole-dancing lesson.
Kris Pole Dances
Kim Kardashian shares photo of her mom working it on the pole.
Zoe Saldana isn’t letting a baby bump stop her from getting physical.

The Guardians of the Galaxy actress, who recently confirmed she was expecting her first child(ren) after much speculation, tries her hand at a little pole-dancing in a new video uploaded onto Instagram. In the short clip, the pregnant star is seen swinging from a metal pole on the tram at the Washington Dulles International Airport with her husband, Marco Perego. 

“#Poledancing is difficult under these conditions,” Saldana captions the video.

Hey, that’s one way to kill time, right?

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