Watch: Ben McKenzie Talks ‘Gotham’ Head Injury, Shows Off Scar on ‘Ellen’

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Meet the villains Commissioner Gordon has to deal with in the new FOX series.
It’s been a little over a week since actor Ben McKenzie had an accident on the set of his new show, Gotham.

Ben was doing a stunt when he accidentally smashed his head into a concrete wall! Ouch! The 36-year-old star then posted photos to Instagram, showing the world his injury! So, how’s the actor doing today? He sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk all about the accident. Plus, in a conference call for Gotham, Ben talked to reporters about doing stunts for his new show. Ben also revealed what it’s like working with his young co-star, David Mazouz.

During his interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ben explained how the accident happened. He then revealed that he got into another accident, this time a car accident! Yikes! Maybe Ben just needs a vacation?! Take a look at the video to hear how it all went down!

Ben also recently talked to reporters about the stunts he does for the show. After confirming he’s okay after the head injury, Ben revealed to reporters, “I try to handle as much as I can, as much as I feel comfortable with. We have a great stunt team lead by Norman Douglass, our stunt coordinator. I do as much as I can. Stunts are, or action is a big part of the show. That being said, it’s all coming from a, sort of a central conceit, aesthetic conceit of the world that we’re portraying being more swift and brutal than it is operatic and grandiose. You know, if Jim is in a fight, he wants to get it over with as quickly as possible and take out whoever he has to take out as swiftly and efficiently as possible. So it’s more in the, kind of, brutal military fashion than it is, kind of, more kung-fu style acrobatic stuff. There hasn’t been a lot of wirework and things like that yet. We may get to that point, but I would prefer that this guy is portrayed for what (writer) Bruno(Heller), (director) Danny (Cannon) and I agree he is, which is an old school hero, which is just a man, completely fallible, who can’t jump over buildings or fly though the air. He has to use what he’s got and he has to occasionally lose. I think that grounds it in more of a sense of reality. So that’s kind of what we’re aiming for, but, that being said, each passing episode the fight scenes get more and more complicated, so we may end up there anyway, we’ll see.”

The actor also talked about working with his young co-star David Mazouz. Ben told reporters, “David is amazing. David is a really terrific actor, he really is. He listens, which is an incredibly hard thing to teach anyone, and it’s something that I struggle with now, any actor struggles with. It’s the hardest thing to do on camera, I think. With all the chaos of the film set, TV set, is to just listen to what the other actor is saying to you, and how they’re saying it in that moment, from take to take, and he does. He’s terrific, and he couldn’t be a nicer young man. He was obviously raised correctly, and he’s perfect for Bruce, so that was easy, too. He’s more calm than I am, I’m kind of blown away sometimes.”

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