Zac Efron and Seth Rogen ‘Cross-Streams’ in Hilarious ‘Neighbors’ DVD Outtakes – Exclusive

Zac Efron's Abs
Zac Efron took off his shirt at the MTV Movie Awards.
The Blu-ray/DVD of Zac Efron and Seth Rogen’s smash hit comedy Neighbors will be hitting shelves tomorrow (September 23, 2014), and Celebuzz has exclusive behind the scenes outtakes from the film.

Have you ever wanted to see Zac Efron and Seth Rogen cross streams? Well, here you go! Watch the Neighbors outtakes above and let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.

If you need a refresher, here is a synopsis of the movie.

New parents Mac and Kelly settle into domesticity in a quiet neighborhood. The tranquility they have been afforded ceases to exist when a fraternity moves into the house next door. Fraternity president, Teddy, is initially receptive to requests to keep noise and partying to a minimum in effort to keep the peace with the disgruntled neighbors. Eventually, he goes back on his word. The fraternity finds itself on probation when police intervention and a series of pranks ensue in this hilarious comedy.