‘Faking It’ Star Gregg Sulkin Takes Celebuzz’s Pop Career Quiz

Gregg Sulkin, one of Celebuzz’s 10 Breakout Stars of Fall 2014, is a season regular on the series Faking It which returns tonight on MTV at 10:30/9:30c. Gregg plays Liam, and this season we are going to see a much darker side of Liam.

Gregg took the time to tackle the Celebuzz Career Quiz to give us a better idea of how Gregg got to where he was today.

Check out the questions, and his answers, below.

1. Tell us about your first acting job.
I played the lead role in a movie called “Sixty Six” when I was 13. It was a universal/working title coming of age story. It’s where I caught the bug.

2. What was your first non-acting job?
I used to wash cars for some extra cash.

3. Who are you inspired by (doesn’t have to be an actor)?
My parents. They taught my brother and I the value of being a good human being. Taught me important principles and manners. I owe a lot to them.

4. Whose career do you most admire and why?
Probably Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s transformed from a pretty boy to one of the best actors to ever grace the screen.

5. Tell us about your worst audition?
I’ve had more than one. I think every actor will tell you that auditions are the least natural thing on the planet!

6. What’s one thing you do on set that know one knows about?
I eat… a LOT.

7. What’s one secret about one of your co-stars that no one knows?
I’d be a terrible friend if I told.

8. What have you bought or what do plan on buying with your first major paycheck?
I invested into real estate. My dad and brother work in real estate so I hope to follow in their footsteps.

9. Who is the nicest person that you’ve ever worked with?
Helena Bonham Carter is pretty amazing. Eddie Marsan too.

10. Do you remember your first onscreen line?
Nope. I like to look to the future rather than the past :)

11. What is the one role you wish that you could play?
A superhero or an action hero.

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