Gwyneth Paltrow Trying to Control Chris Martin’s Time with Jennifer Lawrence, Makes Schedule for His Life

What Gwyneth Thinks
Is Gwyneth Paltrow happy her ex is dating Jennifer Lawrence?
Is Gwyneth Paltrow trying to win Chris Martin back now that he’s dating Jennifer Lawrence? Maybe not, but she sure wants to spend time with him!

The 41-year-old actress reportedly made a schedule in order to manage her estranged husband’s time now that he has a new girlfriend. Gwyneth allegedly made the schedule in order to make sure Chris spends enough time with her and their children, 10-year-old Apple and 8-year-old Moses. Read on to get more details!

Though Gwyneth “approves” of Chris’ relationship with Jennifer, it appears that she wants to make sure Chris still spends time with his family. A source told Grazia UK, “She’s drawn up a rota (schedule) to balance his time living life as a bachelor and seeing Jennifer with honouring their many family commitments.” They also added that Chris feels “torn” over the situation and that, “Gwyneth still has a lot of control over him, which isn’t exactly desirable to prospective girlfriends. The way things are are the moment, no sane person would want to be an accessory to their conscious uncoupling.” Well, to be fair, even though Chris and Gwyneth split in March, they are still technically married.

If these reports are true, Chris and Jennifer seem to be doing just fine. Last week, Jennifer attended Chris’ Coldplay concert in LA, and she was also in attendance as Chris’ band played iHeartRadio in Las Vegas this past weekend! It’s been a rough few weeks for Jennifer, with all of the nude photo leaks, so it’s good to know that she’s getting out of the house!

How do you think Jennifer feels about Gwyneth’s schedule for Chris? Do you think these reports are true? Sound off in the comments!

Plus, cameras caught Jennifer and Chris exiting a private jet together this weekend. CLICK HERE to see the pictures!