Jared Leto’s Been Having a Love Affair… with a Fanny Pack

Jared's Other 'Pack'
This is why you pay money to watch Jared Leto and his band perform.
For once, let’s focus on something other than Jared Leto’s beautiful hair, abs and yes, even his crotch.

Let’s focus on his fanny pack.

As Ellen DeGeneres reminds us in today’s episode of her talk show, Mr. Leto loves wearing his fanny pack.

Naturally, the talk show host gifted the Oscar winner with an Ellen brand fanny pack (so he can hopefully give his favorite red-and-blue fanny pack a break one of these days).

“It’s satin, just to make it a little more enjoyable,” Leto said upon receiving the gift, which was part of a beach bag ensemble.

This exchange of course triggered some major research — and a temporary halt to everything else I was working on – and well, the result is a gallery of Jared Leto and his beloved fanny pack.

Go ahead, treat yourselves on this fine Tuesday afternoon. Enjoy these 10 photos of Mr. Leto and his favorite accessory. And don’t be afraid to wear your own fanny pack in public.

Somewhere, Matthew McConaughey is crying tears of pride while loading his fanny pack with gear.